Competing for the Future
May 22, 2018
Chris Majer, Business Thought Leader/Adventurer
Competing for the Future

There is no news in saying that the business world is getting increasingly chaotic and that the rate of change is mindboggling. There is only one thing we can know for certain – change isn’t going to stop.

The world as we know today is quickly moving from the Information Age to what Chris Majer calls the Coordination Age – and companies need to understand and pivot accordingly.

Doing more of what you already know how to do only harder is likely a strategy for tragedy. Instead, it is time for a new look at the future. A future that sets-up your company to be competitive in the face of ongoing rapid change.

Competing for the Future is a fast paced look at where the world of business has been and where it is going. “To understand the future we have to go back in time.” So begins the journey. The revelations about how we came to be here will make you think differently towards business as usual.

More importantly it provides some much needed guidance on what companies need to do to thrive in the next 10 years. In the course of the Chris Majer’s keynote, you will be uncomfortable as you see things about yourself and your company that you may not want to face. You will laugh, you will see examples of who is doing it right and you will be inspired to new more effective action!