The Beyond Project
Jun 12, 2018
The Beyond Project

Rachel's heart is to serve others. With her love for her career as a hairstylist she has the perfect combination that led her to co-found The Beyond Project. As a seasoned hairstylist of 10 years she understands the self-esteem that comes from her clients walking out feeling their absolute best. She has desired to share this feeling with her community that may be in dire need of these uplifting services since she graduated from of cosmetology school.

The Beyond Project

The Beyond Project provides beauty and wellness professionals with an outlet to use their talents for good. We are a dynamic coalition of volunteers who apply our beauty and wellness knowledge to charity events that use beauty to empower and inspire those who need it most, creating social impact through what we do best.

Where it Began

It’s beautiful in its simplicity. Founders Rachel Hile and Jessica Dahl, had separately dreamt of using their professional skills to change their communities. When they met, it was game on.

As early as 2006, Rachel sought out opportunities to volunteer her stylist abilities. When she couldn’t find them, she began full salon makeover days for women in need, providing haircuts for foster kids, prom makeovers for girls in poverty, and more. She knew one day she would pioneer an organization that made this more than a rare occurrence.

Meanwhile, Jessica Dahl was traveling the world, teaching yoga and fitness, promoting healing through self-care to underprivileged and sex trafficked victims. In far-flung villages, she cut hair, watching how the simplest trim would transform the outlook and self-confidence of people who were suffering.

In 2015, they combined forces and today, The Beyond Project is well-established in Seattle, Los Angeles and surrounding cities. We are proud to be recognized by KING 5, XXXX, YYY and Z, and continue to spread far and wide.

Our Inspiration

There is an extreme gap in care for the outside appearance of individuals in need. Without even the most basic self-care, the self-confidence and self-worth of these individuals suffer, as does their alienation from society based on perception. Non-profit organizations generally focus on the basic physical necessities of food, shelter and clothing. We complement these crucial services with attention to providing emotional support – through caring action – for these same individuals.

The Beyond Project is as much about our communities as our professional volunteers. The beauty and wellness industries have long lacked easy, accessible outlets for volunteerism and social impact. Now, we are that connection. As with all giving, we see how our volunteer work transforms not only the clients we serve, but our volunteers themselves. Now that’s beautiful.

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