Oct 22, 2019
Jennifer Tanaka
One World Now
  1. OneWorld Now! is committed to providing equitable opportunities to learn world languages, build leadership skills and study abroad.
  2. OneWorld Now! prepares students to interact with and in new environments. We build the skills for students to be effective global citizens, such as speaking new languages and respectfully navigating diverse cultures.
  3. OneWorld Now! embodies a commitment to building inclusive communities locally and globally. We serve diverse populations of youth and strive to create heterogeneous learning environments.
  4. OneWorld Now! values the role that students should take in their own learning. We place students at the center of our curriculum, recognizing that they are at the heart of our organizational practices.
  5. OneWorld Now! recognizes that learning manifests differently in each individual. We unlock the inherent potential of every student within our program.
  6. OneWorld Now! offers a forum for questions and conversations that encourage independent and critical thinking, while exposing students to a wide range of human experiences.
  7. OneWorld Now! values life-long learning and continued improvement to teaching and learning as individuals and as a community.