RCKD Club Meeting Cancellation Procedure in the event of Bad Weather

How do you know if a club meeting is cancelled on account of bad weather?
In the event bad weather - pay particular attention to Closure information/updates via the Lake Washington School District website (www.lwsd.org).
If LWSD schools are closed or delayed = NO Rotary Club meeting.
You can learn about school closures or late start by 5:30 a.m.:
  • Go to www.lwsd.org. If school is closed or starting late, you will see a pop-up alert box.
  • Go to www.flashalert.net, which lists schools all over the Puget Sound area. You can also sign up to receive text alerts or emails from this service.
  • Call 425-936-1200 to listen to a recorded message. (After 7 a.m., you may talk to a district receptionist).
  • Tune in to local radio and television stations.